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Social Science Camps

Social science camps can be attended by participants in the regional rounds of competitions in Czech language (2 categories), geography (4 categories), and history (1 category). Interested teachers may also take part in activities.

Camps take place as a five-day event in August.

The programme includes intensive all-day study in the field, i.e. a programme aimed at getting to know natural and cultural places of interest not only in the Pilsen region, geographical and historical connections and developments, competitions, an evening programme (e.g. board game evening, sports) and a psychology programme (testing).

The fee for participation in the one-week long camp for talented pupils is 500 CZK. Participants are provided with full-board accommodation in halls of residence in two- and three-bed rooms, presentations and seminars in specialised classrooms, field trips led by expert teachers, transport, insurance, accompanying programme, psychological test results (see Gifted Pupil Profile in Gifted Pupil Testing).

Participant accommodation is as follows:

1) The “SOU” halls of residence in Pilsen - Skvrňany, Vejprnická 56, in two-bed dormitories (shared bathroom facilities for two rooms) in a pavilion designed to accommodate university students in Pilsen. Breakfast and evening meal are also provided here. Lunch is provided nearby the classrooms, or on excursions or daytrips. This is for the Czech language camp.

Photographs of the halls of residence:


 2) The “VOŠ a SPŠE” halls of residence in Pilsen - Slovany (Koterovská 828/85, 326 00 Plzeň 2-Slovany-Lobzy). The halls comprise two-bed rooms equipped with two writing tables and chairs. Every room is connected to the internet. The common area also serves as the centre for evening entertainment, with 2 pool tables, table foosball, 3 table-tennis tables, and more. This is for history and geography camps.

Breakfast and evening meal are also provided here. Lunch is provided nearby the classrooms, or on excursions or daytrips.

Social science camp manager – Mgr. Ludmila Novotná

email: info@podporatalentu.cz

telephone: 777 353 612

Team of experts:

  • Czech language - PaedDr. Blanka Hejtmánková
  • History - PaedDr. Ladislav Voldřich
  • Geography - Mgr. Hana Virtová

In the appendix you will find the programmes of the camps held in 2019 (in Czech), and the results lists of the regional rounds can be found in Regional Round Results.


You can also see photos from previous camps and the test results of gifted pupils.




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