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Testing of Gifted Pupils

Testing of participants in 2019 was once again provided by the Educational and Psychological Counselling Centre (hereinafter referred to as PPP, http://www.pepor-plzen.cz/info) - a contributory organization established by the Pilsen Region.

The test battery for 2019 was as follows:


1. Short Intelligence Test

The SIT is designed to screen intellectual skills. It contains four subtests: two Říčan tests (IPT - Intellectual Potential Test and Numerical Series) and two subtests (Synonyms and Classification of Terms) created by a second author. The used subtests cover verbal, visualization and fluid abilities.


2. Self-Concept questionnaire for children and adolescents Piers-Harris 2 - “How do I perceive myself?”

The Piers-Harris 2 questionnaire includes statements that describe how people can perceive themselves.


3. CFT 20-R / VMT /by age/          

CFT 20-R is a fluid intelligence test, the stimulus material is graphical in nature, partly eliminating cultural and educational influences in its solution.

VMT is a one-dimensional test designed to measure one component of intelligence. It is based on the theory of the "g" factor formulated by Spearman. The test works with the ability to infer, discover interrelations, and derive relationships that are considered to be the basic dimensions of the factor of general intelligence.


4. URBAN's graphical test of creative thinking

Identifying creativity is nowadays not only among the most attractive, but also the most sought-after (and rightly so) diagnostic activities. Urban's test is a method that does not focus on creative divergent thinking, but on so-called creative personality tuning.


5. Anamnestic questionnaire and learning style questionnaire, completed by the parents at home, the information from which is included in the test report.

In the appendix you can get find the Gifted Pupil Profile study, which is one of the project outputs. Furthermore, there is a report available of implementers of sports-game blocks in 2012.

Outputs from testing by clinical psychologists from 2010 to 2015 and psychologists from the Pedagogical and Psychological Counselling Centre in Pilsen from 2016 to 2018.

Participants will receive the outputs at the closing seminar of the project on 11th November in the Pilsen Regional Authority building (in the Pilsen Region Government Hall). Those who do not attend the seminar will receive a message by post.


Clinical psychological testing from 2010 to 2015:






expanded since 2011 - written individual reports on results with recommendations for the development of each tested pupil

You can also find here

GIFTED STUDENT PROFILE STUDY “How are the talented living now?” - evaluation of a questionnaire survey by clinical psychologists.


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